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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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CEORSU - ITC PritchardI just had a design job to do in which I had a font embedded in a graphic but absolutely no clue as to what font it was.

Thinking back to the work I did with the same client some 3 years ago I remembered that the graphic font was just that - scanned from headed note paper. No use at all really now I was embarking on a redesign.

Anyway, I went through my font catalogues, thumbed all the pages and was close to giving up when I remembered... Identifont.

All you have to do is visit Identifont and go to either their identify a font page (if you have a complete font set) or, with a limited set of characters (I only had C, E, O, R, S & U) their identify specific letters page.

You will then be asked a set of specific questions which narrows down the style to (hopefully) the font you want :D With just the 6 letters I had, Identifont found a set of 30 fonts to choose from in just 25 questions and my font, ITC Pritchard, was number 8 on the list.

Identifont then gives you a list of type foundries where you can go and download the font - I got the True Type Font (TTF) and Post Script (PS) versions direct from ITC fonts for less than $40.

So go ahead, if you need to identify a font check out Identifont, they saved me alot of time and hassle. Recommended.