About 22i

Initially set up in September 2000, 22i Design was Paul Mackenzie Ross’ personal project in starting and running a web design studio.

Having studied Graphics & Design at a nearby college he had learned traditional graphic design methods but had just missed out on the new digital design syllabus, introduced the year after he completed his studies. He also saw increased competition from new digital designers who were able to produce consistent, quick and efficient design work.

So in 1998 he started on the path of self-learning and picked up a book on HTML. Paul created his first web page and then expanded this to become a full-on website which is still alive and online today!

In 2000 Paul had earned a reputation locally for being a fledgling web designer and took on a couple of commissions for a Karate club and an alternative therapist. On the back of these three websites in his portfolio he then started 22i Design as the vehicle for his web development ambitions.

The rest as they say is history and 22i have evolved from just wanting to design websites to all the associated skills – domain names, email, web hosting, graphic design, photography, copywriting, SEO and all forms of digital marketing.

Why Should I hire 22i?

  1. We’re Very Good Value:¬†With no expensive overheads, no fancy office, no full time employees or departments to run, we keep costs down. We’re exceptionally good value for money.
  2. We’re Very Experienced: Paul has 30 years experience of commercial art design, 20 years’ experience in the web design industry and 19+ years as a web professional in everything from copywritting to SEO.
  3. We Know What We’re Talking About: Just talk to us and you will be able to tell straight away that we know our stuff. You’ll get no-nonsense answers to everything web because we’ve been there and done it all.
  4. We Can Do it All: From domain names to web hosting and email, content management systems, design and digital marketing, we know SO MUCH about SEO, SEM, PPC and social media too. You’ll have the FULL PACKAGE when you work with us.