22i design have been designing logos & websites, taking photographs, writing copy and doing PPC and SEO consultancy for over twenty years now. In that time we’ve been involved in the creation & upkeep of well in excess of 100 websites (and a few projects that are worth 100 websites in themselves!)

As with all things in life, there is a constant flux of clients coming and going over the period of over two decades and we need to re-arrange our portfolio page. Please bear with us whilst we renew the examples of our work…


is4profit Ltd

is4profit.com Small Business Advice website

www.is4profit.com – is4profit Ltd [2001-2014]

is4profit.com is a UK SME business advice & information website we’ve been involved with the design of since early 2001.

The site was 100% our design from 2001 to 2009 when we project-managed the migration, redesign & development over the course of a year, which is no mean feat considering the 30,000 87,000+ pages of business information on their website (at the last count!). We’ve taken over the redesign again and the site is a continual work in progress…

Independent Coffee Consultancy & Training Services

Independent Coffee Consultancy & Catering Services

www.iccts.co.uk – Independent Coffee Consultancy & Catering Services [2010-]

ICCTS, the purveyors of the perfect espresso, every time, required a website for their start up business providing coffee consultancy and catering.

Simple and stylish, the ICCTS website is optimised for the search engines, has a new logo by 22i design and we designed and had their business cards printed too. The firm branched out into coffee vans and spun out their Espresso Espress business, for which we also designed a new logo which is sign-written on their coffee van.

Other Website Clients

Some of our other clients include:

Web Hosting

22i host the following websites:

SEO, PPC, Social Media & Digital Marketing

22i have provided SEO and online marketing for the following clients, both directly and on a consultation basis:

We have created, hosted and SEO’d sites on behalf of other agencies for well over 10 years, so there are numerous sites we’ve not listed due to space/time restraints. We have over 9 years worth of experience in professional social media and are well-versed in promoting businesses and campaigning via Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

IT Support

We provide a limited IT support service for existing clients only and are currently not taking on any new business in this area.

We do supply project management tools and training so that you can either work with us on our projects or set up on your own.

Email Services

We offer a truly world-class email service. We have upgraded allof our customers legacy POP3 email accounts to high capacity IMAP accounts with at least 25GB of email storage. Our clients now enjoy professional email on their desktop and remote devices all at an extremely competitive price.

We also provide bolt-ons such as contact and calendar sync and an email archiving service plus Microsoft Exchange at incredibly affordable rates. Ask us if you need Outlook 365 on multiple devices and we can provide official Microsoft Office licensing for you as part of your package.