Email Marketing

Email marketing newsletterDo you have a email newsletter you want to send to hundreds or even thousands of your clients? Maybe you just have a handful of clients for the moment? Whatever your business products or services and however many addresses you have on your mailing list we can handle your email marketing for you.

For over  a decade now we’ve run regular email marketing campaigns and have, sometimes, sent out over 40,000 email marketing newsletters a week for small businesses.

We design and brand your email marketing newsletter, include copy, your logo, graphics and photos. We will even slot in additional media advertising messages if you’re generating extra revenue by selling ad space in your newsletters, so we can include buttons, banners, MPUs and text links for you.

Using your database of clients’ email addresses we then create emailing lists and deliver your campaign to all your subscribers.

The beauty of our system is that you can track the most popular links in your newsletter and monitor your campaigns over time to see which are the most successful products and services. Then you can fine tune your delivery each week/month to gain the best interest and thus the best return on your investment.

In combination with an alert box on your website we can get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters… whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or increase traffic to your site, we can help.

So give us a shout and we’ll get your first digital magazine out to your audience.