Microsoft Advertising (PPC)

Microsoft Advertising, formerly known as Bing Ads until April 30th 2019, is a platform extremely similar to Google Ads (Formerly known as Google AdWords).

Microsoft Advertising is an ad platform that complements your Google Ads PPC activity rather than be a complete alternative. The very best PPC campaigns are those with multichannel focus, so if you were running pay-per-click alone, you might prioritise 80% of your budget on Google Ads whilst saving the other 20% of your ad spend for Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

As well as being successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultants, we’ve been working with Google Ads since 2003 and the transferable skills apply to us as PPC consultants too. So you can rest assured that our Google Ads activity is equalled and often bettered by our Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

As with all our PPC activity, we are available for the initial research and setup of your MS Ads, after which we charge a fee for the maintenance of your PPC account. We focus on ensuring you get maximum return on investment, so all PPC activity is regularly and closely monitored. Reliance on our 17+ years of PPC experience is vastly superior to any AI or automated tools – we are in complete control of your activity and make your ads work for you and not for the coffers of the advertisers.

The benefits of Microsoft Ads  are:

  1. Your ad will appear in one of the “top four” positions above Bing’s organic listings, giving your brand greater exposure and placing your product or service more prominently.
  2. If you are in a competitive market and SEO consultancy will take some time to achieve better organic results, PPC can get you a ranking above your organic competitors.
  3. By appearing in both the paid listings and the organic results, you can “dominate” the rankings. The chances of a click greatly increase when you have two links on the Bing SERPs.

If you’ve ever had a digital marketing agency or some SEO consultant say that can “guarantee” you a top listing in a very short space of time, then it’s usually via a non-competitive keyword or a PPC campaign.

Remember, if you would like 22i to be your PPC campaign manager, we will audit your existing PPC account, conduct a brand & competitor analysis and present you with a PPC strategy to drive traffic and increase leads. After that we manage your campaign on a month-by-month basis, checking the effectiveness of your ads daily or weekly, depending on your ad spend, competitors etc.

We’re really proactive, so unlike other some other agencies who “fire and forget”, we’ll look after your Microsoft Advertising account, monitoring performance, improving your Quality Score, writing new ads, constantly trying to boost your Click Through Rates (CTR) whilst actively reducing your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

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