Social Media

Social Media. It’s an underpaid kid in a corner churning out messages on Twitter and Facebook all day, right?

Well, in some places we know of it can be, but not here. At 22i we have a long history of professional social media management (at least 8 years doing so) and have recently launched some new social media outreach campaigns to great success.

When you think that the engagement rate of the top 25 brands on Twitter has been identified as a meagre 0.07% then with our own proven engagement rate of 2.5% and upwards, then our own social media impact is 35 times greater than the big brands.

Increase Social Media Engagement

Just think about that for a moment… Our social media services for small businesses are far more effective and cost-effective than those of the big brands. Sure, big business may have a huge reach but we have a far better effect so we don’t just say the words “increase social media engagement”, we actually do it!

How do we do it? Our social media strategies are about quality over quantity. Sure, it is all a numbers game but it’s about which numbers matter the most. A smaller, more engaged audience, is preferable to huge numbers of those with no interest.

I’ll come back later and talk about Conversion Rate Optimisiation (CRO).