Web Design

Web design can vary from a single page ‘business card’ style website to big business websites and all flavours in-between. 22i design have more than 17 years of experience in web design & web development projects. We have had over 100 websites in our portfolio over the years (although with time it is sad to say that many are simply not available any more).

A typical full web design project will consist of a domain name & web hosting with email accounts, a complete graphical and text design to include all required Search Engine Optimisation and launch, promotion and updates on a regular basis. This site here, for example, demonstrates our ability to produce websites that compliant with standards set out by the World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C, being both valid HTML 4.01 and using valid CSS.

Typical recent web design projects include:

One of our biggest projects was the business advice website www.is4profit.com with which we were heavily involved for over 13 years. We took the web design from static HTML to a full Content Management System (CMS) and increased its web traffic year on year until 2014 when it was sold.

So if you’re looking for something really simple or if you need a middleweight small business website, or if you have plans for world domination, then we can design your website to whatever budget suits you.

For further information or just an informal chat to discuss your requirements, please feel free to get in touch.

The relaunch of www.is4profit.com