Twenty Years of Digital Marketing Expertise

Today is a special day. Twenty years ago, 22i design launched.

After spending 2 years studying for an HNC in Graphics & Design, our founder found himself in a dilemma;

You can’t get work without the experience and you can’t get experience without the work.

Catch 22 aye? But that wasn’t the only reason for the name, that was more f a happy coincidence. 22i is indeed a quirky name, and came from the engine size of our owner’s Opel Manta GT/E – a 2.2 litre fuel-injected, 140BHP inline four engine. Hence the name 22i.

And so, a 1998 personal homepage hosted on Demon Internet became MantaWorld in June 2000, soon followed by 22i Design in September 2000. Then soon after, the Dave M Karate and MaxTherapy  websites became the first little commercial successes for this tiny little home-based design studio.

Since then we’ve had a steady stream of low-key projects over the years, providing web hosting and email, web design, graphic design and lots of digital marketing, mostly SEO and content marketing but with some PPC on the side too.

Of course, 22i Design has always been a side project, and in the “day job” other skills have included full time project management and social media.

Basically, we’re based upon over two years of digital marketing experience.

Other businesses have come and gone. Some only take on the young, and the cheap, but they are also inexperienced too.

If you want a master craftsman, speak with 22i Design. You can get a 33% discount on rates by choosing a business with just five years experience but you’ll also be cutting the insights, wisdom and experience by 75%.

Twenty years experience in digital marketing, that’s a tough score to beat.